A Song for Jarboli

Turn up the volume, it’s time to rock!

Welcome to the Serbian national final for Fête de la Chanson 16 in Nuuk. The Serbian delegation has internally selected the band Jarboli, and the host city is Belgrade.

The host:
A dead fish following the stream of the Danube river:

About the band
Jarboli was formed in 1991 in Belgrade. They released their debut album Dobrodošli in 1999, and it has since been followed by Suvišna sloboda (2001), Buđanje proleća (2006) and Zabava (2011). The current band members are Boris Mladenović, Daniel Kovač, Nemanja Aćimović, Sonja Lončar and Žolt Kovač. The songs in this final all occur on the Zabava album.

And here are the songs

1. “Ples” (Плес)

2. “Porcija panike” (Порција Панике)

3. “Ništa” (Ништа)

4. “Porcija poštenja” (Порција Поштења)

Voting: To vote in the Serbian national final, send an email to pumpestationvest@gmail.com. In the email, award the four songs 12, 10, 8 and 6 points, in order from the most liked song (12 points) to the least liked song (6 points).

National final ends:
7 November 23:59

Chile (Franco)
Mali (Dino)
United Kingdom (Martin)
Ireland (Razvan)
Uruguay (Oxi)
Netherlands (Arpatilaos)
France (Michos)
Switzerland (Donnie)
Argentina (Ellie)
Germany (Alex L)
Israel (Dimitris)
Turkey (Mermaid)
Finland (Xello)
Japan (Patrick)
Norway (Rob)

Full voting results:


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