Another More Recent Song for Denmark

Hi, and welcome to Another More Recent Song for Denmark, the Danish national selection for Fête de la Chanson 14 in Tallinn. Three songs are competing for the Danish spot in the contest. The host city is Odense.

The hosts are:
Carl Nielsen og loddekolbe
And here are the songs

1. Gnags – “Dr. Legepladsen”

Gnags is one of the oldest bands in Denmark, centred around the singer and songwriter Peter A.G. Nielsen. The band was formed in 1966 by some local schoolmates in Skjern in western Jutland, but in the early 70’s they moved to Aarhus where they became a central part of the local music scene. The first album was released in 1973. Musically they started as a hippie band with folk inspirations, but towards the end of the 70’s their music became louder and more guitar-oriented. In the 80’s they developed a very distinct rhythmical style inspired by genres like reggae, and it has followed them ever since, including on their last album Legepladsen from 2008 from which the song is taken.

2. Katinka – “Idioter”

Katinka is band formed in 2012 around the singer and songwriter Katinka Bjerregaard. They released their debut EP in 2014, and in 2015 they won KarriereKanonen (The career canon), an annual competition for unsigned artists arranged by DR. The music is built around Bjerregaard’s sharp and poetic lyrics. The song “Idioter” (Idiots), which is dealing with bullying, appears on their second EP from 2016.

3. Telestjernen – “Rocketman”

Telestjernen is the artist name of singer and songwriter Rasmus Mørup Johansen. The name is taken from the instrumental hit “Telstar” (1962) by the Tornadoes. The debut album Ungt blod (Young blood) was released in 2009. Many of the songs are about the life in a sleepy province, including this one, “Rocketman” [sic].

To vote in the Danish final, send an email to In the email, award 12 points to your favourite song, 10 points to your 2nd place and 8 points to your 3rd place. The deadline is 3 September at 23:59 CET.

Chile (Franco)
Cyprus (Arpatilaos)
Canada (Dino)
East Timor (Shevek)
France (Donnie)
Mexico (Hjallis)
Romania (Razvan)
Ireland (Martin)
Ukraine (Dimitris)
Spain (Ren)
Armenia (Avat)
Swaziland (Togravus)
Sweden (Rob)
United States (Patrick)
Greece (Ellie)
Italy (Alex Lefteris)
Cuba (Tehoe)
Argentina (Matt D)
Netherlands (Ovidarch)

Full results:
Another More Recent Song for Denmark votes


42 thoughts on “Another More Recent Song for Denmark

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  3. Three beautiful songs there. “Idioter” is a masterpiece imho.
    Good luck, Denmark and The Anders.

    Btw, I’d like to be living in a neighbourhood like that one in Odense 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The voting will close tonight at 23:59. You still have some time to influence the result, so keep voting 🙂

    Meanwhile, the Danish spokesperson Sebastian would like to perform an interval act:


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